Issam Bouslimi

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Cooperative Information Gathering Systems (CIGS) require the coordination of multiple agents executing tasks in a distributed, open and heterogeneous setting. In this complex and highly interactive context, it is essential to include explicit coordination models to ensure the coherent and efficient behaviour of cooperative agents. The paper identifies the(More)
Organization modeling is recognized as an essential mechanism for structuring the design of Multi-Agent Systems and coordinating their executions. In this paper, an organizational model for Cooperative Information Gathering Systems (CIGS) is proposed. This model has three levels of abstraction, starting with a general system description and progressively(More)
This paper proposes an experimental evaluation of the communication in an Organization-based Multi-Agent System. We defined a set of criteria to evaluate the quality of interactions between agents at run time. The originalities and the advantages of our proposal are threefold: (1) the adaptation of a set of criteria and their corresponding metrics to(More)
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