Issam Ahmed Mohammed

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Maleic anhydride was reacted with p-aminophenol and p-toluidine in the presence of di-phosphorus pentoxide (P₂O₅) as a catalyst to produce two compounds: N-(4-hydroxy-phenyl)maleimide (I) and N-(4-methylphenyl)maleimide (II). The new azo compounds I(a-c) and II(a-c) were prepared by the reaction of I and II with three different aromatic amines, namely(More)
Two new mesogenic monomers, namely 3,3’-dimethoxy-4,4’di(hydroxyhexoxy)-N-benzylidene-o-Tolidine (Ia) and 4,4’-di(6-hydroxyhexoxy)-Nbenzylidene-o-Tolidine (IIa), were reacted with cadmium sulfide (CdS) via an in situ chemical precipitation method in ethanol to produce CdS nanocomposites. A series of different mass compositions of CdS with Ia and IIa ranging(More)
The phenolic Schiff bases I-VI were synthesized by condensation reactions between various diamines, namely o-dianisidine, o-tolidine and ethylenediamine with vanillin or p-hydroxybenzaldehyde and subsequent reactions between these phenolic Schiff bases and epichlorohydrin to produce new diglycidyl ethers Ia-VIa. The structures of these compounds were(More)
A series of new mesogenic azomethine diols were successfully synthesized by condensation reactions between various chloroalkanols and N,N'-bis(4-hydroxy)-benzylidene-o-toluidine (1). The structures of these compounds were confirmed by CHN, FT-IR, (1)H-NMR, and (13)C-NMR spectrophotometer. Their thermotropic liquid crystalline behavior was studied using(More)
New polyurethane (PU) nanocomposites were prepared from a dispersion of 0 - 5% montmorillonite (MMT) clay with isocyanate and soya oil polyol that was synthesized via transesterification of triglycerides to reduce petroleum dependence. FT-IR spectra indicate the presence of hydrogen bonding between nanoclay and the polymer matrix, whereas the exfoliated(More)
Currently the unsaturated polyester resin is an important matrix resins for thermosetting polymer composites. Major objectives of this study were to synthesis and characterize new unsaturated polyester resins for composite applications. Two types of new unsaturated polyester resins were synthesized based on Bis-(2-hydroxyethyl) fumarate (I) and(More)
1,3-benzoxazine derivatives were synthesized in high yield using three-step synthetic technique by the condensation of 2hydroxybenzaldehyde with aromatic amines, reducing the condensation products and replacing the usual formaldehyde with methylene bromide to achieve ring closure. The structures of the benzoxazines were confirmed by FTIR, 1 H and 13 C NMR(More)
Palm and soya oils were converted to monoglycerides via transesterification of triglycerides with glycerol by one step process to produce renewable polyols. Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPPUs) were prepared from the reaction of the monoglycerides which act as polyol with 4,4'-methylenediphenyldiisocyanate (MDI) whereas, thermosetting polyurethanes (TSPUs)(More)
A structural study of epoxidized natural rubber (ENR-50) and its cyclic dithiocarbonate derivative was carried out using NMR spectroscopy techniques. The overlapping (1)H-NMR signals of ENR-50 at δ 1.56, 1.68-1.70, 2.06, 2.15-2.17 ppm were successfully assigned. In this work, the <(13)C-NMR chemical shift assignments of ENR-50 were consistent to the(More)
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