Issa Nesnas

Macdonald Dettwiler1
Issa A Nasa Nesnas@jpl1
Norman Goldstein1
1Macdonald Dettwiler
1Issa A Nasa Nesnas@jpl
1Norman Goldstein
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This paper addresses a high level spatio-temporal problem, namely "absolute orientation", which arises in visual-odometry (using stereo), or registering two models created by different Structure from Motion (SFM) reconstructions. We compare the very popular method due to Horn 1 using quaternions and our own independently derived method using the orthogonal(More)
Extreme-terrain robots such as JPL's Axel rover are enabling access to new and exciting science opportunities. The goal of this mini-program was to develop a compact sampling instrument for Axel. Over the summer of 2012, a small group of students designed, built, and tested prototype sampling devices. Nikola Georgiev created a versatile(More)
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