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History, problems, and prospects of Islamic insurance (Takaful) in Bangladesh
This study explains the history, current problems, and future possibilities of Islamic insurance (takaful) in Bangladesh. To articulate these issues, the researcher has adopted the qualitativeExpand
National development and student politics in Bangladesh.
Student politics is one of the ignored areas in the international scholarly debate. In the late 1960's to early 1970's, some authors made some contributions in the context of South America andExpand
Monetary union for the development process in the East African community: Business cycle synchronization approach
This paper empirically examines the suitability of monetary union in East African community members namely, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, on the basis of business cycleExpand
The right of women in property sharing in Bangladesh: Can the islamic inheritance system eliminate discrimination?
This study seeks to discover the best solution for women’s property sharing between Islamic and current social practices in Bangladesh. A qualitative method has been adopted to achieve this goal. ItExpand
Muslim Treatment of Other Religions in Medieval Bengal
This research analyzes Muslim treatment of other religions in Medieval Bengal from 1204 to 1757 CE with a special reference to Muslim rulers and Sufi saints. The study is based on historical contentExpand
Family takaful in Bangladesh and its obstacles
Even though Bangladesh is globally known for her huge Muslim population, the concept of family Takaful was introduced in the country only few years back with aims, inter alia, to foster IslamicExpand
A narrative on Islamic insurance in Bangladesh: problems and prospects
This study aims to find out the problems of family Takaful (Islamic Life Insurance) operations in Bangladesh and proposes strategies to overcome the problems.,Qualitative data were collected throughExpand
Shari‘ah Views on Adjusting the Repayment Amount of Loans and Debts According to a Price Index
This paper investigates the views of Sunni and Shi‘a jurisprudents on adjusting the repayment amount of loans (qard, pl. qurud) and debts (dayn, pl. duyun) in accordance with a price index. ClassicalExpand
Interreligious Dialogue: An Islamic Approach
Dialogue among the followers of different religions is a necessary condition for promoting peace, tolerance, harmony, and religious co-existence in today’s world. The purpose of this study is toExpand