Issa J. Dahabreh

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Studies have assessed PET by using various tracers to diagnose disease recurrence in patients with previously treated glioma; however, the accuracy of these methods, particularly compared with alternative imaging modalities, remains unclear. We conducted a meta-analysis to quantitatively synthesize the diagnostic accuracy of PET and(More)
Proposed molecular classifiers may be overfit to idiosyncrasies of noisy genomic and proteomic data. Cross-validation methods are often used to obtain estimates of classification accuracy, but both simulations and case studies suggest that, when inappropriate methods are used, bias may ensue. Bias can be bypassed and generalizability can be tested by(More)
Obtaining good probability estimates is imperative for many applications. The increased uncertainty and typically asymmetric costs surrounding rare events increase this need. Experts (and classification systems) often rely on probabilities to inform decisions. However, we demonstrate that class probability estimates obtained via supervised learning in(More)
Systematic reviews are being increasingly used to inform all levels of healthcare, from bedside decisions to policy-making. Since they are designed to minimize bias and subjectivity, they are a preferred option to assess the comparative effectiveness and safety of healthcare interventions. However, producing systematic reviews and keeping them up-to-date is(More)
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) have revolutionized the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Although randomized evidence demonstrates that imatinib (a commercially available TKI) prolongs event-free survival in patients with CML, some patients develop imatinib intolerance or resistance. In addition, imatinib is less effective in patients who have(More)
BACKGROUND Oxaliplatin is a platinum derivative, which is used in the treatment of colorectal cancer. A small number of oxaliplatin-related hemolytic and/or thrombocytopenic reactions have been reported. We present a case of hemolytic-uremic syndrome that developed during the 4th cycle of combination chemotherapy with oxaliplatin, 5-fluorouracil and(More)
The findings and conclusions in this document are those of the authors, who are responsible for its contents; the findings and conclusions do not necessarily represent the views of AHRQ. Therefore, no statement in this report should be construed as an official position of AHRQ or of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The information in this(More)
BACKGROUND Radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy for prostate cancer have side effects and unclear survival benefits for early stage and low-risk disease. Prostate cancer often has an indolent natural history, making observational management strategies potentially appealing. PURPOSE To systematically review the role of active surveillance for(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the association between risk of sudden cardiac death and stressful law enforcement duties compared with routine/non-emergency duties. DESIGN Case distribution study (case series with survey information on referent exposures). SETTING United States law enforcement. PARTICIPANTS Summaries of deaths of over 4500 US police officers(More)