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Approximately 250,000 valve replacement operations occur annually around the world and more than two thirds of these operations use mechanical heart valves (MHV). These valves are subject to complications such: pannus and/or thrombus formation. Another potential complication is a malfunction in one of the valve leaflets. Although the occurrence of such(More)
Around 250,000 heart valve replacements are performed every year around the world. Due their higher durability, approximately 2/3 of these replacements use mechanical prosthetic heart valves (mainly bileaflet valves). Although very efficient, these valves can be subject to valve leaflet malfunctions. These malfunctions are usually the consequence of pannus(More)
This paper aims to extend the application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH), a meshfree particle method, to simulate flow inside a model of the heart's left ventricle (LV). This work is considered the first attempt to simulate flow inside a heart cavity using a meshfree particle method. Simulating this kind of flow, characterized by high pulsatility(More)
Nystatin is commonly employed to treat fungal infections in the mouth. It is not absorbed via the stomach and it will therefore not treat fungal infections in any part of the body other than the mouth. Nystatin buccoadhesive tablets release the drug very slowly due to the poor solubility of nystatin in water and also the presence of polymers with(More)
Different treatment techniques; based on physical, chemical or biological processes, are used in the removal of organic pollutants from wastewater streams. One of the widely used physical processes is the adsorption process using activated carbon. A modified process utilizing a combined activated carbon-clay mixture was adopted in the present study(More)
The compression behavior of high- and low drug strength pellets containing kappa-carrageenan as pelletisation aid was investigated. Model drugs and fillers with different compression mechanisms were used and the effects of compression force and turret speed were examined. Regardless of the compression behavior of their starting components, all pellet(More)
Cross-linked high-amylose starch (CLHAS), obtained by high-amylose starch cross-linking, was recently introduced as an excipient (Contramid) for monolithic dosage forms that are able to control drug release over 18-24 h. These control properties are related to tablet swelling and are strongly dependent on the degree of the cross-linking of CLHAS. The(More)
In this paper, variability in precipitation pattern of Pakistan due to environmental and climatic changes has been studied. Maps have been generated to depict global precipitation variation. Precipitation data of 25 stations of Pakistan have been used. These data were taken from Meteorological Department, Islamabad, Pakistan. The results of two global(More)
Evaluating shear induced hemodynamic complications is one of the major concerns in design of the mechanical heart valves (MHVs). The monitoring of these events relies on both numerical simulations and experimental measurements. Currently, numerical approaches are mainly based on a combined Eulerian-Lagrangian approach. A more straightforward evaluation can(More)