Israel Spiegler

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Repositories of complex data types, such as images, audio, video and free text, are becoming increasingly frequent in various fields. A general searching approach for such data types is that of similarity search, where the search is for similar objects and similarity is modeled by a metric distance function. An important class of access methods for(More)
Abstract-A binary approach to data storage and retrieval is introduced. It views the data base as a two-dimensional matrix that relates entities to all possible values the attributes of these entities may take. As such, it provides a unified solution to the two conflicting types of data base transactions -operational and managerial. An analytical(More)
With the continuing growth in the number of opportunities available at virtual stores over the Internet there is also a growing demand for the services of computer programs capable of scanning a large number of stores in a very short time. We assume that the cost associated with each scan is linear in the number of stores scanned, and that the resulting(More)