Israel Rivera-Zárate

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The calculation of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) has been studied in literature by multiple authors inside the remote sensing field and image processing field, however its application in large image files as satellite images restricts its use or need prepro-cessed phases to compensate for the large amount of resources needed or the(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical control system designed for permanent DC motor powered by a DC/DC Buck converter. Hierarchical controller based on differential flatness property of the plant system is meant to control the angular speed for tracking trajectories applications. This controller provides the voltage profiles that have to be tracked by the(More)
Island model deals with a species which is subdivided into a number of discrete finite populations, races or subspecies, between which some migration process occurs. If the number of populations is small, an assumption of equal rates of migration between each pair of populations may be reasonable approximation. In this paper we shown a general solution is(More)
Se propone un sistema capaz de brindar un apoyo al paciente diabético dado el gran desconocimiento que la población tiene respecto a esta enfermedad. La base de conocimientos se ha tomado gracias a la asesoría de médicos y laboratorista clínicos. Esta primera versión del sistema inteligente utiliza como motor de inferencia lógica difusa dadas sus(More)