Israel Nuñez

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Ultrasonic elastography has proved to be a useful means to obtain quantitative information about the viscoelastic parameters of soft tissue. This information is used to diagnose pathologies like cirrhosis or carcinomas surrounded of healthy tissue in the breast. The analysis of surface waves in an elastographic experience can be useful and complementary to(More)
Acoustical perturbation by targets smaller than the wavelength can generate evanescent waves, which decay with the distance of propagation. By putting such targets immediately under the free surface of water, the diffracted acoustical field can excite the surface membrane before evanescence, and it produces a static ripple because of the radiation pressure.(More)
Limited diffraction ultrasonic transducers are devices that have a large depth of acoustic field without important effects of diffraction, which make them optimal in applications of medical images, among others. This report details how this special type of piezoelectric device was designed by means of a simple technology using three electrodes in the form(More)
Improvement of sensitivity in ultrasonic fields of piezocomposite transducers is limited because of diffraction effects arising from the periodic structure. We present a theoretical and experimental study of ultrasonic fields of 1-3 PZT polymer piezocomposite transducers. The relation between the composite grid periodicity and the wavelength is critical in(More)
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