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We introduce the notion of self-adapting concurrency control algorithms --- concurrency control algorithms that consist of several rw and several ww synchronization techniques, and employ combinations of the techniques in a manner that attains a performance objective. We Consider synchronization techniques that use locking and certification. A general proof(More)
Abst?-act In the private workspace model of concurrency control the transaction manager, TM, maintains a pr%ate workspace for each transaction. Data items accessed by a transaction, regardless of access mode, are cached in this workspace. At transaction commit time updates are made permanent in the database. This paper addresses two basic issues. First, the(More)
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Ross argues that the location problem for color-the problem of how it is represented as occupying a particular location in space-constitutes an objection to color subjectivism. There are two ways in which the location problem can be interpreted. First, it can be read as a why-question about the relation of visual experience to the environment represented:(More)
[15] J. L. Mundy and A. J. Heller. The evolution and testing of a model-based object recognition system. [22] D. Reisfeld and Y. Yeshurun. Facial feature detection based on symmetry pronciples: a rst step toward recognition. 1991. in preparation. [5] S. Edelman and T. Poggio. Bringing the Grandmother back into the picture: a memory-based view of object(More)
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