Israel De Leon

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Surface plasmon–polaritions, collective electron oscillations coupled to light waves at the surface of a metal, show unique properties that are valuable in a broad range of scientific fields. However, the intrinsic propagation loss of these waves poses a fundamental problem to many potential applications. To overcome this drawback, researchers have explored(More)
Several methods exist to measure the group delay of a fiber Bragg grating. Here, we compare two such methods, namely the Hilbert transform (HT) of the device transmission spectrum and standard Fourier spectral interferometry. Numerical simulations demonstrate that both methods work not only for ideal, lossless devices but also for ones with realistic(More)
Abstract Background. This study investigated the possibility of local lymph node detection and lymphatic mapping following submucosal injection of an iodine-based contrast medium. Methods and materials. We established a contrast medium (oil/water emulsion on iodine basis) with a particle size of mainly 1.7±0.1 µm. Ten rabbits received rectal submucosal(More)
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