Israel Betancourt

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Abnormal accumulation of brain metals is a key feature of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Formation of amyloid-β plaque cores (APC) is related to interactions with biometals, especially Fe, Cu and Zn, but their particular structural associations and roles remain unclear. Using an integrative set of advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques,(More)
Using off-axis electron holography under Lorentz microscopy conditions to experimentally determine the magnetization distribution in individual cobalt (Co) nanowires, and scanning precession-electron diffraction to obtain their crystalline orientation phase map, allowed us to directly visualize with high accuracy the effect of crystallographic texture on(More)
Inductance spectroscopy is a particular formulation variant of the well known complex impedance formalism typically used for the electric characterization of dielectric, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric materials. It has been successfully exploited as a versatile tool for characterization of the magnetization dynamics in amorphous ribbons and wires by means(More)
Synthesis of high-purity BiFeO3 is very important for practical applications. This task has been very challenging for the scientific community because nonstoichiometric Bi(x)Fe(y)O(z) species typically appear as byproducts in most of the synthesis routes. In the present work, we outline the synthesis of BiFeO3 nanostructures by a combustion reaction,(More)
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