Israel Bar-David

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Abstruct-The capacity C(p,, p p ) of the discrete-time quadrature additive Gaussian channel (QAGC) with inputs subjected to (normalized) average and peak power constraints, pa and pp respectively, is considered. By generalizing Smith’s results for the scalar average and peak-power-constrained Gaussian channel, it is shown that the capacity achieving(More)
Recent developments of automated methods for monitoring animal movement, e.g., global positioning systems (GPS) technology, yield high-resolution spatiotemporal data. To gain insights into the processes creating movement patterns, we present two new techniques for extracting information from these data on repeated visits to a particular site or patch(More)
Consider M − HChoose P − T communications: T users or less, out of M potential users, are chosen at random to simultaneously transmit binary data over a common channel. A method for constructing codes that achieve error-free M − HChoose P − T communication over the noiseless Adder Channel (AC), at a nominal rate of 1/ T bits per channel symbol per active(More)
The following sampling theorem is proved: Let f ( t ) be a bounded bandlimited function, possibly a sample of a nonstationary stochastic process, such that I f(t)l ~ B. Denote by w0 the appropriately defined bandwidth of f( t) . Let {tk} denote the set of instants for which f ( t ) = C cos 2~rwt, with C ~ B and w > w0. Then f(0) and {t,} determine uniquely(More)