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The effects of various moisture contents (ranging from 50 to 2500 ppm) in a dielectric liquid on electrohydrodynamic (EHD) pumping have been investigated. The static pressure and the flow rate induced by the EHD pump were examined using dibutyl sebacate (DBS) as the working fluid. One of the additives in DBS was deionized water. It was found that the(More)
X-ray data of the Centaurus cluster, obtained with XMM-Newton for 45 ksec, were analyzed. Deprojected EPIC spectra from concentric thin shell regions were reproduced equally well by a single-phase plasma emission model, or by a two-phase model developed by ASCA, both incorporating cool (1.7–2.0 keV) and hot (∼ 4 keV) plasma temperatures. However, EPIC(More)
The thermoplastic flow behavior of cedar flour steamed at different temperatures in the range of 160–220°C was measured using a rheometer and compared with that of beech flour. The temperature at which the cedar flour starts to flow was approximately 70°C higher than that of beech flour, and the cedar flour exhibited low flowability. Furthermore,(More)
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