Ismayle de Sousa Santos

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Ubiquitous computing expands both the place where the software system is used and the traditional way of interacting with its users. This happens since technologies should be fully integrated in the user daily activities in such way they become indistinguishable. So, in this scenario, new characteristics can emerge like calmness, transparency and context(More)
The advent of ubiquitous systems places even more focus on users, since these systems must support their daily activities in such a transparent way that does not disturb them. Thus, much more attention should be provided to human–computer interaction (HCI) and, as a consequence, to its quality. Dealing with quality issues implies first the identification of(More)
This work presents an experimental study of an idea related to the automatic generation of performance and stress testing by reusing functional testing. The idea was implemented in a tool named FERRARE GT. This tool is able to generate both test scripts as well as the data required for their execution. In this study we verified that the use of the method(More)
A Software Product Line (SPL) that aims to develop context aware applications leaves challenges inherent to the SPL-based development approach and the type of application being developed (contextaware). These challenges leave open issues, like those related to how the context influences should be described. In the literature, there are studies that support(More)
Use case templates can be used to describe functional requirements of a Software Product Line. However, to the best of our knowledge, no efforts have been made to collect and summarize these existing templates and no empirical evaluation of the use cases’ comprehensibility provided by these templates has been addressed yet. The contributions of this paper(More)
Software Engineering (SE) is a discipline of Computer Science dedicated to teaching topics related to software development. It involves a wide variety of topics, so the teaching of SE is a challenge, especially to make the discipline attractive to the students. Therefore, in the last 10 years, the process of teaching SE has been applied and improved(More)