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Ultrasonography has become accepted as a useful imaging modality in the early detection of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent to which ultrasonographic measurements of femoral head coverage correspond to the categories of hip maturity defined by Graf's angle alpha. The infants in this study(More)
This study examined the outcomes of ultrasound-monitored Pavlik harness treatment in 25 infants (2 boys and 23 girls) representing a total of 31 cases of developmental dysplasia of the hip of Graf type IIc or more severe. For all infants, Pavlik harness treatment started after ultrasonographic diagnosis in our clinic. If there was no improvement by the(More)
BACKGROUND Universal ultrasound screening has led to overtreatment and higher follow-up rates than are found with clinical examination alone because of high incidence of physiologically immature hips (type IIa) in the first weeks of life. The ability to predict future acetabular development in physiologically immature hips (type IIa) would therefore help to(More)
Scapular mobility plays a central role in normal shoulder function, and alterations in scapular mobility have been suggested as a factor in impingement syndrome. We therefore measured the effect of restricted scapular mobility during arm abduction on acromiohumeral and coracohumeral distances. For the control measurements, healthy volunteers (n = 10, all(More)
Pseudoarthrosis with bone loss is one of the most challenging orthopaedic problems for surgeons. Bone loss usually leads to technical difficulties during surgery due to instability in the fracture area. Eight patients with pseudoarthrosis of different long bones were operated on by the same surgeon. The median age was 53 years (25-61), and the median time(More)
Hypophosphatasia is a clinically heterogeneous inheritable disorder characterized by defective bone mineralization and the deficiency of serum and tissue liver/bone/kidney alkaline phosphatase activities. Due to the mineralization defect of the bones, various skeletal findings can be radiologically observed in hypophosphatasia. Bowing and Bowdler spurs of(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated surgical treatment of patients with chondromyxoid fibroma. METHODS The study included 11 patients (6 females, 5 males; mean age 31 years; range 8 to 53 years) who underwent surgical treatment for chondromyxoid fibroma. The most common site of involvement was the tibia in three patients. Diagnosis was made preoperatively by tru-cut(More)
Conventional x-ray is still the most important diagnostic and follow-up tool in developmental dysplasia of the hip joint, where hip joint ultrasonography cannot be performed. Artifacts that are seen because of technical errors can cause difficulties in diagnosis and and even can lead to wrong diagnoses and treatments. Herein, we report a diagnostic problem(More)