Ismail Oukid

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The performance of the full table scan is critical for the overall performance of column-store database systems such as the SAP HANA database. Compressing the underlying column data format is both an advantage and a challenge, because it reduces the data volume involved in a scan on one hand and introduces the need for decompression during the scan on the(More)
Storage Class Memory (SCM) has the potential to significantly improve database performance. This potential has been well documented for throughput [4] and response time [25, 22]. In this paper we show that SCM has also the potential to significantly improve restart performance, a shortcoming of traditional main memory database systems. We present SOFORT, a(More)
The advent of Storage Class Memory (SCM) is driving a rethink of storage systems towards a single-level architecture where memory and storage are merged. In this context, several works have investigated how to design persistent trees in SCM as a fundamental building block for these novel systems. However, these trees are significantly slower than DRAM-based(More)
With the emergence of new hardware technologies, new opportunities arise and existing database architectures have to be rethought to fully exploit them. In particular, recovery mechanisms of current main-memory database systems are tuned to efficiently work on block-oriented, high-latency storage devices. These devices create a bottleneck during transaction(More)
Leveraging Storage Class Memory (SCM) as a universal memory--i.e. as memory and storage at the same time--has deep implications on database architectures. It becomes possible to store a single copy of the data in SCM and directly operate on it at a fine granularity. However, exposing the whole database with direct access to the application dramatically(More)
Storage Class Memory (SCM) is emerging as a viable alternative to traditional DRAM, alleviating its scalability limits, both in terms of capacity and energy consumption, while being non-volatile. Hence, SCM has the potential to become a universal memory, blurring well-known storage hierarchies. However, along with opportunities, SCM brings many challenges.(More)
Storage Class Memory (SCM) is a novel class of memory technologies that promise to revolutionize database architectures. SCM is byte-addressable and exhibits latencies similar to those of DRAM, while being non-volatile. Hence, SCM could replace both main memory and storage, enabling a novel single-level database architecture without the traditional I/O(More)
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