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Recently, the use of wireless body area networks (WBAN) has been increasing rapidly in medical healthcare applications. WBANs consist of smart nodes that can be used to sense and transmit vital data such as heart rate, temperature and ECG from a human body to a medical centre. WBANs depend on limited resources such as energy and bandwidth. In order to(More)
Wireless technologies which are the most important development areas in the twenty-first century and Wireless Body Sensor Networks which are developed for use in health care continues to be the focus on attention of researchers. Wireless Body Sensor Networks are used for monitoring health signals such as body temperature, heart pulse, EEG, and ECG of the(More)
As a result of advances in wireless communication technologies, while sensor nodes that can sense physical signals are constantly evolving; their power consumption values and dimensions are dwindling. Thus, their usage on health-care applications in daily life is increasing. In this study, a wireless mobile sensor and actuator node which is called isMOTE is(More)
Determining P and S wave arrival times while minimizing noise is a major problem in seismic signal analysis. Precise determination of earthquake onset arrival timing, determination of earthquake magnitude, and calculation of other parameters that can be used to make more accurate seismic maps are possible with the detection of these waves. Experts try to(More)
Wireless body area networks (WBAN) consist of wireless smart sensor nodes placed on, in or around the human body for medical monitoring systems, entertainment and ubiquitous computing. The nodes in WBAN are usually battery-powered and they send sensed data from a human body, including heart rate, temperature and ECG, etc. to the medical centre to monitor(More)
Nowadays, despite there are many advanced technological applications to maintain the security of buildings, premises or regions, human intervention is necessary when considering both economical facts and the effectiveness of the systems especially for the security of military zones. In the presented work, a highly secure system has been designed. With the(More)
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