Ismail Khalid Kazmi

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3D objects play a vital role in computer games, movies, TV, engineering design, and biological sciences. Researchers have studied 3D object retrieval techniques using 2D and 3D shape descriptors in the last several decades. In this paper, some of the most popular shape descriptors are reviewed. We first discuss the important criteria for a good shape(More)
Digital techniques have been used to assist narrative and storytelling, especially in many pedagogical practices. With the rapid development of HCI techniques, saturated with digital media in their daily lives, young children, demands more interactive learning methods and meaningful immersive learning experiences. In this paper, we propose a novel hand(More)
3D modeling is an intricate and laboriously process which requires considerable investment of time to master. Researchers have long pondered on creating systems that would automate the steps followed by skilled 3D artists to generate detailed and realistic 3D models. Sketch Based Modeling (SBM) is a very broad area within the field of Computer Science(More)
Using avatars in storytelling to assist narration has proved to be beneficial on promoting creativity, collaboration and intimacy among young children. Development of novel Human Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques provides us with new possibilities to explore the training aspects of storytelling by creating new ways of interaction. In this paper, we(More)
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