Ismail Kassou

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Recommender systems are systems that filter information depending on users' profiles and suggest items that might match their preferences. While the majority of existing researches compute recommendation by considering only users and items, Context Aware Recommendation Systems (CARS) consider, in addition to users and items, others features related to the(More)
Nowadays, e-commerce shopping websites have experienced noticeable growth. These websites have gained consumers’ trust. After purchasing a product, many consumers share comments where opinions are usually embedded about the given product. Research on the automatic management of opinions that gives suggestions to potential consumers and portrays an image of(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of Text Classification techniques to extract contextual information from user reviews for Context Aware Recommendation. We conduct several experiments to identify the best Text Representation settings and the best classification algorithm for our dataset. We carry out our experiments on hotel reviews. We focus on(More)
Our research theme is evolving around the concept of computer profiling. The aim of our work is to propose an approach that will detect web profiles in a unique way and to model a print web for each profile. Our main concern is to find this signature from text messages in the forums, by analyzing the vocabulary used by each user. Also we will focus here on(More)
This paper presents an improvement of text categorization models by document annotation with previously imported ontologies. A fully automated algorithm will be introduced to annotate plain text documents. Simple strategies combining annotation results with the categorization models are also presented and experienced. Conducted experiments present an(More)
Dans le but de résoudre des problèmes complexes du monde réel dans des domaines différents tels que l'optimisation, la détection d'anomalies ou la robotique, des heuristiques inspirées de mécanismes naturels ont été exploitées avec succès. Plusieurs chercheurs se sont intéressés aux systèmes immunitaires biologiques (SIB) comme un nouveau paradigme de(More)