Ismail Kamarulafizam

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Heart disorder can be diagnosed by listening to the heart sound that is recorded using stethoscope on the human chest. However, human interpretation and diagnosis based on auscultation is somewhat subjective and vary depending on the skill and hearing ability of the physician. Studies have been focusing on the development and evaluation of methods in(More)
This paper applies an expectation-maximization (EM) based Kalman smoother (KS) approach for single-trial event-related potential (ERP) estimation. Existing studies assume a Markov diffusion process for the dynamics of ERP parameters which is recursively estimated by optimal filtering approaches such as Kalman filter (KF). However, these studies only(More)
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of telemedicine via Internet for heart sounds and hearing screening diagnosis. Web based application are used as a medium for interaction between patients and doctors. Using ActiveX technology and Internet protocol, the biomedical signals are captured and sent to server. To strengthen analyses of(More)
Electromyogram (EMG)-based facial gesture recognition has recently drawn the researchers' attention as a potential medium in different areas, particularly in assistive technology and rehabilitation. Efficient analysis of facial neuromuscular signals generated by different facial muscles can provide lots of information about underlying facial movement(More)
(b) (c) (d) Abstract— Heart sound analysis has gathered increasing attention over the past few years as the maturity of processing algorithms start to produce reliable and promising results. This work highlights the advantages of recently developed time frequency method which is Modified B-Distribution (MBD) and Extended Modified B-Distribution (EMBD). The(More)
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