Ismail Hakkı Kalkan

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Liver biopsy is the gold standard procedure for documenting liver damage in chronic hepatitis C (CHC), as for many other chronic liver diseases. Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a laboratory marker obtained from complete blood count (CBC) analysers in routine clinical practice. The goal of the present study was to evaluate whether MPV would(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS There is limited data comparing influence of age on the presentation, clinical course, and therapeutic response of patients with ulcerative colitis. We aimed to compare the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients diagnosed with UC in older age vs. adulthood vs. early age. METHODS Five-hundred sixty one patients with UC seen(More)
BACKGROUND Colonoscopy is currently considered to be the gold standard method for detecting and removing adenomatous polyps. However, tandem colonoscopy studies reveal a pooled polyp miss rate of 22%. OBJECTIVE A prospective randomized trial was conducted to assess whether alteration of patient position during colonoscopy withdrawal increases the adenoma(More)
Although systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) are distinct diseases, in clinical practice differentiation of one from other may be difficult. The aim of this study was to asses features of SLE in patients with diagnosis of AIH.Thirty patients [mean age: 52.4 ± 11.8 years; 23 (76.7 %) female] were included in the study. Seven(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim was to compare the use of endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) in cytology and the biochemical analysis of cyst fluid, together with the size of the lesion in the differentiation between benign and malignant pancreatic cystic lesions. METHODS Data of patients who underwent EUS-FNA for pancreatic cystic lesions(More)
hage, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography was tried but the papilla could not be cannulated. A repeat endoscopy in our hospital showed a 2 cm submucosal tumor arising from the second portion of the duodenum ( Figure 1 ). " ere was blood and a millimetric indentation on the overlying mucosa due to previous attempts for cannulation. " e location of(More)
Here in we present a very rare case of Crohn’s disease who had a concurrent intestinal malrotation. A 35-year-old woman was admitted to our outpatient clinic with diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. She had intermittant umblical and left lower abdominal pain. She hadn’t any symptoms during her first 30 years of life. In her past medical history, she has been(More)