Ismail Colkesen

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Coastline mapping and coastline change detection are critical issues for safe navigation, coastal resource management, coastal environmental protection, and sustainable coastal development and planning. Changes in the shape of coastline may fundamentally affect the environment of the coastal zone. This may be caused by natural processes and/or human(More)
Hyperspectral images provide important information for addressing complex classification problems required for a detailed characterization of spectral behavior of the target objects. Classification of such datasets into meaningful land use and land cover classes (LULC) has been the most concentrated topic in remote sensing arena. Rotation forest (RotFor), a(More)
The use of non-metric digital cameras in close-range photogrammetric applications and machine vision has become a popular research agenda. Being an essential component of photogrammetric evaluation, camera calibration is a crucial stage for non-metric cameras. Therefore, accurate camera calibration and orientation procedures have become prerequisites for(More)
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