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Tarlov cysts and nerve roots anomalies usually involve lumbosacral roots and are often asymptomatic. MRI has enabled recognition of many conditions that used to be missed by CT or myelography investigations performed for back and leg pain. However, even without additional compressive impingement (disc hernia, spondylolisthesis or lumbar canal stenosis)(More)
Bone fluorosis is a rare metabolic disease characterized by massive bone fixation of fluorine. It is seen endemically around phosphate mines in North Africa. Neurologic complications, such as medullar compression may rarely reveal the disease. We report a case of cervical myelopathy due to bone fluorosis causing tetraparesis. Medullar compression was caused(More)
Le lupus induit est défini comme un syndrome lupique généralement cutanéo-articulaire secondaire à une exposition continue à un traitement et qui disparaît après arrêt de celle-ci. Nous rapportons deux cas de lupus induit par l'isoniazide. Il s'agissait de deux femmes âgées respectivement de 30 et 35 ans. Elles présentaient un lupus induit par l'isoniazide(More)
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