Ismail Baykara

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This paper summarizes results from excavations at Uçağizli Cave (Hatay, Turkey) between 1999 and 2002 and 2005. This collapsed karstic chamber contains a sequence of early Upper Paleolithic deposits that span an interval between roughly 29,000 and 41,000 (uncalibrated) radiocarbon years BP. Lithic assemblages can be assigned to two major chronostratigraphic(More)
An os trigonum is a small, round bone situated just behind the ankle joint. Clinical research shows that the os trigonum is present in about 5-15 % of normal feet. It occurs when one part of the bone does not fuse with the rest of the talus during growth. The present study is made on the skeletons, which were found in the Karagündiiz, Dilkaya and Van(More)
Anomalies of the skeleton provide information on living conditions, cultural structure and health problems in ancient societies. Squatting facet is a kind of anomaly that forms on the surfaces where the tibia and talus articulate is the squatting facet states the daily activities and living style of the society. The aim of this study is to learn the daily(More)
We compared the intracompartmental pressures (ICPs) of open and closed tibial fractures with the same injury pattern in a rabbit model. In all, 20 six-month-old New Zealand White male rabbits were used. They were randomised into two equal groups of ten rabbits; an open fracture group (group 1) and a closed fracture group (group 2). Each anaesthetised rabbit(More)
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