Ismail Balaban

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The aims of this study were to determine the prevalence, type, and clinical features of nosocomial infections (NIs), their etiological distribution, and the antibiotic resistance patterns of causative organisms in the general pediatric wards of a hospital in Turkey over a 3-year period. The Hospital Infection Control Committee NI surveillance reports(More)
Congenital syphilis is a rare, serious disease that continues to be a major health-care problem. The infected neonate may be asymptomatic or multiple-organ system involvement may occur. Anemia and thrombocytopenia are common hematological findings. Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a clinicopathological condition characterized by activation and(More)
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is a tick-borne viral zoonosis with the potential of human-to-human transmission that affects wide areas in Asia, Southeastern Europe, and Africa. Hemorrhagic manifestations constitute a prominent symptom of late stage disease with case fatality rates from 3 to 50%. We present a case of CCHF complicated by hemorrhagic(More)
Subglottic cysts are rare causes of stridor in infancy and should be suspected in the case of intubation. A 15-month-old male presented with recurrent stridor and respiratory distress. Prematurity and intubation were present in his history. Two subglottic cysts below the glottis were diagnosed. The cysts were ruptured by flexible bronchoscopy. The child's(More)