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Perceptual and practical aspects of child's drawing and handwriting, plus the importance of early identification of developmental disorders in children, arise the essential need for screening pupils' handwritings, testing their handwriting abilities and readiness. This research summarizes approaches in an automated screening system that can assist teachers,(More)
Accurately differentiating between ventricular fibrillation (VF) and ventricular tachycardia (VT) episodes is crucial in preventing potentially fatal misinterpretations. If VT is misinterpreted as VF, the patient will receive an unnecessary shock that could damage the heart; conversely, if VF is incorrectly interpreted as VT, the result will be(More)
— MATLAB is at present among the best available technique for image processing. Medical images after digitalized processed can help reducing the number of false positives and they assist medical officers in deciding between follow-up and biopsy. This paper gives a survey of image processing algorithms that have been developed for detection of masses and(More)
Telemedicine, ie 'the delivery of healthcare and sharing of medical knowledge using telecommunication systems' has penetrated every field of medicine. As a result, tele-echocardiography, the study of the heart via telemedicine started expanding. Ironically, space became the next frontier for mankind's new innovations and technology pursuit. However, the(More)
Spleen ultrasound screening was rarely used because usually people will scan their body thoroughly using CT scan or x-ray to observe any abnormalities. However, it is a fact that ultrasound machine is far safer than any other imaging modalities, and it can be used to scan any parts of the body except for hard tissue such as bone. In this paper, we proposed(More)
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