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Accurately differentiating between ventricular fibrillation (VF) and ventricular tachycardia (VT) episodes is crucial in preventing potentially fatal misinterpretations. If VT is misinterpreted as VF, the patient will receive an unnecessary shock that could damage the heart; conversely, if VF is incorrectly interpreted as VT, the result will be(More)
A new breast cancer detection method that is based on tissue bioelectric and acoustic characteristics has been developed by using a hybrid magnetoacoustics method. This method manipulates the interaction between acoustic and magnetic energy upon moving ions inside the breast tissue. Analytical in-vivo and in-vitro modelling and analysis on the system(More)
Breast cancer is a metabolic disease that causes the breast cells to acquire genetic alteration and allows them to grow beyond the normal tissue limit. With the yearly increasing trend in new cases and mortality rate, new approach in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is crucial to improve the existing management of breast cancer cases. This paper(More)
This paper is about a survey of image processing algorithms that have been developed for detection of masses and segmentation techniques. 35 students from university campus participated in the Development of Biomedical Image Processing Software Package for New Learners Survey to investigate the use of software package in processing and editing image.(More)
Perceptual and practical aspects of child's drawing and handwriting, plus the importance of early identification of developmental disorders in children, arise the essential need for screening pupils' handwritings, testing their handwriting abilities and readiness. This research summarizes approaches in an automated screening system that can assist teachers,(More)
MATLAB is at present among the best available technique for image processing. Medical images after digitalized processed can help reducing the number of false positives and they assist medical officers in deciding between follow-up and biopsy. This paper gives a survey of image processing algorithms that have been developed for detection of masses and(More)
A highly requirement of analyzing a biological sample at a so-called single cell level has encouraged for the development of innovative and versatile microdevices. Up to now, microfluidic devices have become as emerging technologies that can support an investigation and analysis of a living cell. For many cuttingedge single cell studies, trapping of(More)
3D images reconstruction is one of computer graphic design that performs calculation and rendering on 2D images. Robust algorithm applied to the 2D images to form 3D preview. Nowadays, there are many application systems developed 3D preview. 3D preview system gives so much benefit among physician to diagnose and do analysis of diseases inside human body.(More)
Spleen ultrasound screening was rarely used because usually people will scan their body thoroughly using CT scan or x-ray to observe any abnormalities. However, it is a fact that ultrasound machine is far safer than any other imaging modalities, and it can be used to scan any parts of the body except for hard tissue such as bone. In this paper, we proposed(More)