Ismahane Maloum

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We carried out a screening of genes that are differentially expressed in normal mice and reeler mutants and are characterized by abnormal neuronal migration and neurite deployment due to defective Reelin signalling. A novel gene, provisionally named C61, was overexpressed in Reelin-deficient embryonic mouse brain RNA. C61 encodes a 3.7 kb mRNA that is brain(More)
The kinematic parameters of air-stepping induced by 2 methods known to elicit locomotion (olfactory stimulation vs. L-dopa injection) were compared in 3-day-old rats. In the 1st stage, suspended pups were induced to step with an olfactory stimulus of soiled shavings from the nest. In the 2nd stage, they received a subcutaneous injection of L-dopa. Their(More)
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