Ismael Salvador

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The interpretation of handwritten sentences is carried out using a holistic approach in which both text image recognition and the interpretation itself are tightly integrated. Conventional approaches follow a serial, first-recognition then-interpretation scheme which cannot adequately use semantic–pragmatic knowledge to recover from recognition errors.(More)
A system for fast multi-view 3D model reconstruction of object sequences is composed of a number of hardware and software components: the multiple simultaneous image acquisition subsystems, the computation platform, the object/background segmentation algorithm, and in this case, a volumetric carving procedure based on the silhouettes of the objects from(More)
Many demanding Pattern Recognition tasks are now possible in embedded systems, since multiprocessor designs are becoming a common execution platform in this area. The use of application-level concurrency allows to increase system throughput and to reduce the execution time of embedded applications in such systems. The UML standard provides mechanisms to(More)
Computer vision applications are present in our daily activities. In this paper, we feature three applications of computer vision, running in residential, office and industrial environments, respectively. Optical character recognition is a well-known task that can save lots of time when processing handwritten information. OCRFORMSv2 is a complete software(More)
Computer vision is a reality in a wide variety of areas. Applications from this field are present in our daily lifes. Here, we feature three applications of computer vision, running in industrial, office and residential environments, respectively. Many industrial applications are not necessarily very wellknown, but they play an increasingly important role(More)