Ismael Salvador

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The interpretation of handwritten sentences is carried out using a holistic approach in which both text image recognition and the interpretation itself are tightly integrated. Conventional approaches follow a serial, first-recognition then-interpretation scheme which cannot adequately use semantic–pragmatic knowledge to recover from recognition errors.(More)
—A system for fast multi-view 3D model reconstruction of object sequences is composed of a number of hardware and software components: the multiple simultaneous image acquisition subsystems, the computation platform, the object/background segmentation algorithm, and in this case, a volumetric carving procedure based on the silhouettes of the objects from(More)
—Three-dimensional quality control is a common task in industry. These systems are mainly based on 2D technology where overhead/lateral views are the only ones that are inspected. However, these systems cannot deal with complex objects. In this field it is necessary to inspect every part of the object. This is only possible if we have a full 3D(More)
Nowadays there are many systems that need biometric identification, so it has become an important issue in our networked society. Biometrics takes advantage of a number of unique, reliable and stable personal physiological features , to offer an effective approach to identify subjects. This identification can be based on palmprint features. At present work(More)