Ismael Pérez

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Several initiatives for establishing standards for metadata models are being carried out at the moment, but everyone focuses on their own requirements when defining metadata attributes, their possible values and the relation between them. From the point of view of someone who wants to seek and buy information (multimedia content in general) in different(More)
Research on modeling and simulation of tactical data link systems, especially on Link 16, has become a significant area in recent years. This is due to NATO has decided to install Link 16 tactical systems on all of their military platforms used to defense and rescue actions. Link 16 is currently the most modern standard for secure data transmission over(More)
Friendly Force Tracking Systems (FFTS) are the lowest echelon command and control information systems (C2IS) in any army command and control architecture. Their initial goal is to provide near real-time information about own troops position. However, in foreseeable current empty battlefields as well as in asymmetric confrontations at least two extra(More)
SIMACOP is a command and control system for small units in the friendly force tracking systems domain which has self-inspection and autopoietic capabilities to achieve robustness, agility and flexibility in the development of missions as well as to enhance shared situational awareness as a result of global adaptation. The system is composed of several(More)
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