Ismael Gomez-Miguelez

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The focus of this paper is to provide a unique perspective on new network architectures supporting novel spectrum sharing mechanisms. A Cloud-based MD-MIMO RAN (Massive Distributed Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Radio Access Network) is proposed for exploitation of Licensed Shared Access (LSA) spectrum sharing concept. In order to deliver a particular(More)
Some of the new trends emerging in future wireless networks enable a vastly increased fluidity in accessing a wide range of resources, thus supporting flexible network composition and dynamic allocation of resources to virtual network operators (VNOs). In this work we study a new resource allocation opportunity that is enabled by the cloud radio access(More)
Testbeds are essential for experimental evaluation as well as for product development. In the context of LTE networks, existing testbed platforms are limited either in functionality and/or extensibility or are too complex to modify and customise. In this work we present srsLTE, an open-source platform for LTE experimentation designed for maximum modularity(More)
In this paper we investigate the effect of Line-ofSight (LOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) propagation on the Area Spectral Efficiency (ASE) and on the energy efficiency of dense small-cell networks. We show that including both LOS and NLOS propagation in the path-loss model provides a completely different picture of the behaviours of ASE and energy(More)
We examine the dimensional limitations of Licensed Shared Access (LSA) regulatory framework for spectrum sharing and propose a solution for its more dynamic implementation. We consider an additional dimension for sharing, beyond those of time, space and frequency, i.e. the sharing of the infrastructure. We explain why we believe that the emerging(More)
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