Ismael Fernández

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Remote sensing technologies have been commonly used to perform greenhouse detection and mapping. In this research, stereo pairs acquired by very high-resolution optical satellites GeoEye-1 (GE1) and WorldView-2 (WV2) have been utilized to carry out the land cover classification of an agricultural area through an object-based image analysis approach, paying(More)
This paper addresses some key aspects of the quantitative measurement of land deformations using differential SAR interferometry. In the introduction, the most important quality aspects of deformation monitoring, i.e. the precision, accuracy and reliability of the estimates, are concisely described. Then a description of the main DInSAR techniques proposed(More)
In this letter, a new approach based on a two-step (coarse and fine) automatic surface matching for registering two overlapping multidate digital elevation models (DEMs) is proposed to avoid the costly and time-consuming groundcontrol-point acquisition. The proposed methodology was tested to georeference a historical grid DEM obtained from a photogrammetric(More)
To take full advantage of the remarkable applications of carbon nanotubes in different fields, there is a need to develop effective methods to improve their water dispersion and biocompatibility while maintaining their physical properties. In this sense, current approaches suffer from serious drawbacks such as loss of electronic structure together with low(More)
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