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Depth-First Reasoning on Trees
This paper proposes a satisfiability algorithm for the mu-calculus extended with converse modalities and interpreted on unranked trees based on a depth-first search and proves the algorithm to be correct (sound and complete) and optimal. Expand
Equivalences Among Polarity Algorithms
The equivalence among the analyzed algorithms, filling a gap in Natural Logic research, particularly in computing polarity, and the soundness of their algorithms is shown. Expand
Automated reasoning on trees with cardinality constraints
Arithmetical constraints are widely used in formal languages like regular expressions, tree grammars and paths. In XML they are used to impose bounds on the number of occurrences described by contentExpand
Web Service to Retrieve and Semantically Enrich Datasets for Theses From Open Educational Repositories
A semantic web service that retrieves theses and extends the keyword based-search of a DSpace repository taking into account the roles of advisors and steering committee members formally represented into a custom-made ontology is described. Expand