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The problem of estimating a spatially distributed process described by a partial differential equation (PDE), whose observations are contaminated by a zero mean Gaussian noise, is considered in this work. The basic premise of this work is that a set of mobile sensors achieve better estimation performance than a set of immobile sensors. To enhance the(More)
— We introduce a method for constructing smooth feedback laws for a nonholonomic robot in a 2-dimensional polygonal workspace. First, we compute a smooth feedback law in the workspace without taking the nonholonomic constraints into account. We then give a general technique for using this to construct a new smooth feedback law over the entire 3-dimensional(More)
— In this paper, we study dynamic coverage optimal control, which is a new class of optimal control problems motivated by multi-spacecraft interferometric imaging applications. The dynamics is composed of N second order differential equations representing N fully actuated particles. To be minimized is a cost functional that is a weighted sum of the total(More)
—Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is composed of three interdependent tasks: discovery of new objects, tracking of detected objects, and characterization of tracked objects. Currently these problems are treated separately and independently of each other, which may result in the non-optimal processing of data, with a corresponding loss of potential(More)
In this paper we derive necessary conditions for minimizing the cost function for a trajectory that evolves on a Riemannian manifold and satisfies a second order differential equation together with some interpolation, smoothness and motion constraints. The cost function we consider in this paper is a weighted sum of the norm squared of the acceleration and(More)