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The problem of estimating a spatially distributed process described by a partial differential equation (PDE), whose observations are contaminated by a zero mean Gaussian noise, is considered in this work. The basic premise of this work is that a set of mobile sensors achieve better estimation performance than a set of immobile sensors. To enhance the(More)
Two studies examined contingent take-home medication doses during treatment of opiate or cocaine dependence. In the first study, methadone maintenance patients were randomly assigned to one of two 8-week baseline take-home (TH) conditions differing in frequency of clinic visits per week. This was followed by a 12-week contingency management (CM) procedure(More)
— This paper studies the problem of dynamically covering a given region D in R 2 using a set of N mobile sensor agents. First, a novel problem formulation is proposed that addresses a number of important multi-agent missions. The coverage goal, which is to cover a given search domain using mobile sensors such that each point is surveyed for a certain preset(More)
— We introduce a method for constructing smooth feedback laws for a nonholonomic robot in a 2-dimensional polygonal workspace. First, we compute a smooth feedback law in the workspace without taking the nonholonomic constraints into account. We then give a general technique for using this to construct a new smooth feedback law over the entire 3-dimensional(More)
This paper studies the dynamic coverage control problem for underwater applications using a fleet of cooperative submarines with vision-based cameras. A sensor model for the vision-based camera is first presented. The coverage goal, which is to collect a desired amount of satisfactory quality samples at every point in a given domain, is stated in a precise(More)
A cost-aware Bayesian sequential decision-making strategy for domain search and object classification using a limited-range sensor is presented. On one hand, it is risky to allocate all available sensing resources at a single location while ignoring other regions. On the other hand, the sensor may miss-detect or miss-classify a critical object with(More)