Islam Choudhury

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In this paper object-oriented information system (OOIS) is defined as an information system which employs object-oriented technologies in system design and implementation. This paper attempts to clarify the concept of OOIS and its implication, and to summarise research and practices in the OOIS area. At the top level, perspectives on foundations of(More)
A generic object-oriented enterprise modeling process (GOOEMP) is a set of partially ordered steps intended to reach the objective of building a fully integrated, dynamic, object-oriented model of the enterprise. An abstraction mechanism is proposed to enable this process. The process is generic because it applies to most types of enterprises. Enterprise(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a new model for supporting proactive decision making in large enterprises. These organizations usually encounter enormous electronic transactions upon distributed infrastructures. The stockpiled data collections in these systems are the best source for providing necessary material for decision-making process to support(More)
The diagnosis and management of Diabetes type 1 (Children diabetes) is often a complicated process. Recent mobile health technologies are increasingly used in improving the self-management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and several studies have proven its efficiency. Further, research has shown that increased awareness of the disease helps the(More)
The ecology behind evolutionary diversification is a well studied area of research, whereas the effects of evolution on ecosystems get little attention. In line with ecological theory, evolutionary diversification of a species could influence different ecosystem aspects such as food web composition, energy flow, nutrient cycling etc. The main objective of(More)
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