Islam Boussaada

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The main purpose of this study is the description of the qualitative dynamical response of a rotary drilling system with a drag bit, using a model that takes into consideration the axial and the torsional vibration modes of the bit. The studied model, based on the interface bit-rock, contains a couple of wave equations with boundary conditions consisting of(More)
Motivated by the fact that molecules reacting through some biological channels may need some time-lag due transcription and translation processes, this note is devoted to the study of stability properties of a delayed Oregonator model. In this work, we consider an Oregonator based model consisting of two different delays, which origin the time needed to(More)
This paper focuses on the analysis and control of some mathematical models representing the dynamics of a quadrotor. By using a normal form approach, the highly coupled parts in the quadrotor system are eliminated, while all possible properties of the original system are not changed. The bifurcations of the system are then analyzed. A two dimensional system(More)
The C-Algorithm introduced in [5] is designed to determine isochronous centers for Lienard-type differential systems, in the general real analytic case. However, it has a large complexity that prevents computations, even in the quartic polynomial case. The main result of this paper is an efficient algorithmic implementation of C-Algorithm, called ReCA(More)