Islam Abdelhalim

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Automatically formalizing fUML models into CSP is a challenging task. However, checking the generated CSP model using FDR2 is far more challenging. That is because the generated CSP model holds many implementation details inherited from the fUML model, as well as the formalization of the non-trivial fUML inter-object communication mechanism. Using the state(More)
Much research work has been done on formalizing UML diagrams, but less has focused on using this formalization to analyze the dynamic behaviours between formalized components. In this paper we propose using a subset of fUML (Foundational Subset for Executable UML) as a semi-formal language, and formalizing it to the process algebraic specification language(More)
Transforming Unified Modelling Language (UML) models into a formal representation to check certain properties has been addressed many times in the literature. However, the lack of automatic formalization for executable UML models and provision of model checking results as modeller-friendly feedback has inhibited the practical use of such approaches in real(More)
This work provides an underpinning for a systems modelling approach based on UML and fUML together. It uses UML state diagrams as a starting point for modelling system object behaviour abstractly, then refining each state diagram by adding the implementation decisions in a form of a fUML activity diagram. Maintaining behavioural consistency between each UML(More)
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