Islam A. M. El-Maddah

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Development of software systems utilizes only 20%-40% of the overall project cost; the rest is consumed by maintenance. Systems with poor maintainability are difficult to modify and to extend. Maintainability based risk is defined as a product of two factors: the probability of carrying out maintenance tasks and the impact of these tasks. The decision of(More)
Cloud computing had created a new era of network design, where end-users can get their required services without having to purchase expensive infrastructure or even to care about troubleshooting. Power consumption is a challenge facing the Cloud Providers to operate their Datacenters. One solution to overcome this is the Virtual Machine (VM) migration,(More)
Software maintenance becomes an integral part of software life cycle and constitutes the most important fraction of the total cost of the software lifecycle. Around 50-80 percent of the total lifecycle cost is consumed by maintenance for evolving system. Thus systems with poor maintainability are difficult to modify and require more cost to maintain. This(More)