Iskra Mircheva

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It is obvious that medical practice needs to sustain a radical quality change due the fast penetration of information technologies in medicine and healthcare. One of the major problems of this change is the adequate education of the medical specialists to use these information and communication technologies, including Hospital information systems and(More)
Rabbits and sheep immunized with protective anthrax preparation and live anthrax vaccines were examined. Protective anthrax preparation caused changes characteristic of general immunomorphology and immunomorphological reaction of the humoral type. A marked resistance in infection with the virulent anthrax culture was revealed in the animals immunized with(More)
As electronic medical records (EMRs) grow in size and complexity, there is increasing need for automated EMR tools that highlight the medical record items most germane to a practitioner's task-specific needs. The development of such tools would be aided by gold standards of information relevance for a series of different clinical scenarios. We have(More)
The toxic action of the antiphlogistic drug thaliblastin, containing 93-95 per cent of the alcaloid thalicarpine was investigated. With its single intraperitoneal injection to mice the DL10 of the drug amounts to 273-306 mg/kg, DL50-325-350 mg/kg and DL90-370-402 mg/kg. With its 5-day long administration the respective figures for mice are 102-165, 125-201(More)
  • I Mircheva
  • 1991
A review of literature on the most significant aspects of molecular and cellular effect of hyperthermia is presented. A critical evaluation of the acceptability of several hypotheses for biochemical mechanisms of cytotoxic action of hyperthermia is made. A special attention is paid to a molecular model of thermic-induced cellular death, proposed by(More)
The authors carried out a study on the blood formation of healthy experimental animals after treatment with the potential antitumours agent taliblastine in view of clarifying its influence. The experiments were undertaken on inbred mice DVA/2 and rats on the Wistar strain. Taliblastine was administered intraperitonealy: in ice-aingly and in a 5-day course,(More)
The authors examined the influence of the potential antitumorous preparation taliblastin and the well known cytostatic vinblastin on the formation of serum agglutinins in mice. Two methods were used--the classical reaction of agglutination and the method for inhibition of passive migration of erythrocytes (IPM) described by Schweicer and Gilisen (1974). It(More)