Iskender Akkurt

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The compressive strength of heavyweight concrete which is produced using baryte aggregates has been predicted by artificial neural network (ANN) and fuzzy logic (FL) models. For these models 45 experimental results were used and trained. Cement rate, water rate, periods (7–28–90 days) and baryte (BaSO4) rate (%) were used as inputs and compressive strength(More)
Bremsstrahlung photons produced by 15 MeV electron beam are simulated using the Monte Carlo code of FLUKA. Tantalum foils have been chosen as a target material in the simulation, and the obtained photon spectrum has been analyzed with artificial neural network (ANN) technique. In the training ANN model, the thicknesses and energy values of bremsstrahlung(More)
Photoneutron production on the nuclei of high-Z components of medical accelerator heads can lead to a significant secondary dose during a course of bremsstrahlung radiotherapy. However, a quantitative evaluation of secondary neutron dose requires improved data on the photoreaction yields. These have been measured as a function of photon energy, neutron(More)
Algae and cyanobacteria are capable living under harsh conditions in the natural environments and can develop peculiar survival processes. In order to evaluate radiation shielding properties of green algae; Chlorella vulgaris, Scenedesmus obliquus, and cyanobacteria; Synechococcus sp., Planktothrix limnetica, Microcystis aeruginosa, Arthrospira maxima,(More)
A near-threshold He(γ, n) cross-section measurement has been performed at MAXlab. Tagged photons from 23 < Eγ < 42 MeV were directed toward a liquid He target, and neutrons were detected by time-of-flight in two liquid-scintillator arrays. Seven-point angular distributions were measured for eight photon energies. The results are compared to experimental(More)
The total linear attenuation coefficients micro (cm(-1)) have been obtained using the XCOM program at photon energies of 1 keV to 1 GeV for six different natural marbles produced in different places in Turkey. The individual contribution of photon interaction processes to the total linear attenuation coefficients for marble has been investigated. The(More)
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