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Many definitions of 'drug-like' compound properties have been published; based on the analysis of simple molecular properties of successful drugs. These are typically presented as rules that define acceptable boundaries for these properties. When a compound does not 'fit' within these boundaries then its properties differ from those of the majority of(More)
Drug discovery is a process of multiparameter optimisation, with the objective of finding compounds that achieve multiple, project-specific property criteria. These criteria are often based on the subjective opinion of the project team, but analysis of historical data can help to find the most appropriate profile. Computational 'rule induction' approaches(More)
This demo presents a prototype mobile app that provides out-of-the-box personalised content recommendations to its users by leveraging and combining the user's location, their Facebook and/or Twitter feed and their in-app actions to automatically infer their interests. We build individual models for each user and each location. At retrieval time we(More)
Personalised news recommender systems traditionally rely on content ingested from a select set of publishers and ask users to indicate their interests from a predefined list of topics. They then provide users a feed of news items for each of their topics. In this demo, we present a mobile app that automatically learns users' interests from their browsing or(More)
Drug discovery is a multiparameter optimization process in which the goal of a project is to identify compounds that meet multiple property criteria required to achieve a therapeutic objective. However, once a profile of property criteria has been chosen, the impact of these criteria on the decisions made regarding progression of compounds or chemical(More)
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