Iskandar Keskes

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This paper describes a rule-based approach to segment Arabic texts into clauses. Our method relies on an extensive analysis of a large set of lexical cues as well as punctuation marks. Our analysis was carried out on two different corpus genres: news articles and elementary school textbooks. We propose a three steps segmentation algorithm: first by using(More)
In this article, we propose the first work that investigates the feasibility of Arabic discourse segmentation into elementary discourse units within the segmented discourse representation theory framework. We first describe our annotation scheme that defines a set of principles to guide the segmentation process. Two corpora have been annotated according to(More)
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In this paper we propose an original method to automatically summarize Web pages. This method is based on statistics rather than linguistics. It differs from most other methods by its ability to generate summaries with textual content as well as non textual content (images/graphics). Our method consists of a multi-criteria analysis to determine the salient(More)
NooJ is a linguistic development environment that provides tools for linguists to construct linguistic resources that formalise a large gamut of linguistic phenomena: typography, orthography, lexicons for simple words, multiword units and discontinuous expressions, inflectional and derivational morphology, local, structural and transformational syntax, and(More)
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