Isil Burcu Barla Harter

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—Quality of service requirements and the increasing amount of data transmission demand for efficient protection mechanisms. Existing mechanisms like 1+1 and 1+N path protection offer instantaneous recovery but they suffer from high capacity needs and nodal degree requirements, respectively. The high nodal degree requirement makes an implementation of the(More)
Network virtualization with combined control of network and IT resources enables network designs for end-to-end cloud services with latency and availability guarantees. Even though providing such QoE guarantees is of high importance for cloud services, it is mostly not possible today if the services traverse different domains. To addresses this problem,(More)
—Both business and consumer applications increasingly depend on cloud solutions. Yet, many are still reluctant to move to cloud-based solutions, mainly due to concerns of service quality and reliability. Since cloud platforms depend both on IT resources (located in data centers, DCs) and network infrastructure connecting to it, both QoS and resilience(More)