Isidro B. Magaña

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Currently, the most commonly used treatments for cancerous tumors (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) have almost no method of monitoring the administration of the treatment for adverse effects in real time. Without any real time feedback or control, treatment becomes a “guess and check” method with no way of predicting the effects of the drugs(More)
Determining the factors that influence the delivery of sub-micron particles to tumors and understanding the relative importance of each of these factors is fundamental to the optimization of the particle delivery process. In this paper, a model that combines random walk with the pressure driven movement of nanoparticles in a tumor vasculature is presented.(More)
AIM Gold nanoparticles are employed for imaging and treatment of surgically inaccessible tumors owing to their inherent optical absorption and ability to extravasate through intravenous distribution. These nanoparticles are cleared from the blood by the reticuloendothelial system (RES) as expected given their size. MATERIALS & METHODS This study(More)
The feasibility of using EDXRF for a rapid quantitative analysis of gold in tumor tissue has been investigated. The protocol described here demonstrates that sample biopsies can be analyzed in as little as 8 hours, with minimal sample preparation. Samples were prepared by drying a 35 μL aliquot of tissue dissolved in KOH in a standard EDXRF cup on a(More)
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