Isidoro S. La Porta

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A scalable platform for decentralized traffic management of a multi-agent system has been proposed. Safety of the platform is achieved with a cooperative conflict avoidance policy. Security of communications among vehicles with respect to potential external adversaries is obtained through use of cryptographic keys and rekeying policies. A prototypical(More)
In this paper we present BLOBOT, a tool for detecting botnets. BLOBOT detects botnets by detecting their command and control network. In contrast to common approaches that operate, often off-line, on aggregate network traffic, BLOBOT operates on a single user’s traffic so increasing the ability of detecting botnets in real-time. Blobot features a(More)
In this paper we present Bloumail, a tool for detecting bot-generated spam. Bloumail operates , at the user-side on single user 's email streams, handles reduced user-specific email traffic, and thus is able to effectively detect spam in real-time. Sometimes Bloumail requires user intervention. However, by properly training it, such an intervention can be(More)
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