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African Oral Literature: Backgrounds, Character, and Continuity
Preface Part One: Backgrounds and Resources 1. The Study of African Oral Literature What Is "Oral Literature"? An Interest in Culture An Interest in Society An Interest in Literature Benefits of theExpand
The New African Diaspora
Preface and Acknowledgments Part 1. Overviews 1. Introduction: Can We "Go Home Again"? / Isidore Okpewho 2. Diaspora Dialogues: Engagements Between Africa and Its Diasporas / Paul Tiyambe Zeleza PartExpand
The Last Duty
The Last Duty by Isidore Okpewho is a novel of the Nigerian conflict though thinly disguised under the names of the mythical combatants, Simbia and Zonda. It is an intensely felt story of the war,Expand
The oral performance in Africa
The African diaspora : African origins and New World identities
Introduction by Isidore Okpewho, Carole Boyce Davies, and Ali Mazrui The Diaspora: Orientations and Determinations Michael J. C. Echeruo, An African Diaspora: The Ontological Project MaureenExpand
Home, Exile, and the Space In Between
This paper is a statement on the function of African literary criticism at the present time, in that it argues a new ethic of contemporary discourse on African literature that sets its lights on theExpand
Soyinka, Euripides, and the Anxiety of Empire
��� he old Aristotelian derivation of the word t r a g e d y as a goat-song was given a graphic endorsement, at the dawn of the postcolonial African dramatic history, by the Nigerian poet-playwrightExpand
Myth in Africa: A Study of Its Aesthetic and Cultural Relevance
Preface 1. Africa and the oral narrative theory: a critical survey 2. What is myth? 3. Mythmaking in Africa 4. Myth and social reality: the poetic imperative 5. Myth and contemporary AfricanExpand