Isidora Radulov

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BACKGROUND The goal of this study has been to evaluate the extent of mycotoxins contamination and their co-occurrence in wheat grain intended for animal feed. A total of 52 wheat samples were collected from the harvest of two consecutive years (2010, 2011) from two counties (Timis and Arad) located in Western Romania and the presence of ochratoxin A (OTA),(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND The study aims to determine the nutritional value of hemp seed expressed by the oil content and by the concentration of metals (Ca, Mg, K, Fe, Mn, Zn and Cd), for five varieties of monoecious and dioecious hemp seeds approved in Romania, comparative with the concentration of these metals in the soil. RESULTS The content of oil in(More)
Fungal contamination of plant products is an important risk factor for health, because of the high mycotoxin potential deriving from these contaminations with multiple effects: hepatic toxicity, teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic. The contamination of cereals with mycotoxins has been a serious problem in Balkan communities. Several studies implicated(More)
Glyphosate is among the most widely used broad spectrum herbicides in the world because they are highly efficacious, cost effective, practically non-toxic and degrade readily in the environment. The herbicide is inactivated and biodegraded by soil microbes, degradation rate depends on soil microbial activity and factors that affect this activity. Glyphosate(More)
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