Isidora Milosevic

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Numerous green-fluorescent neurons have been revealed by means of the glyoxylic acid histochemical method in cryostat sections of several organs of two Adriatic aplysiid gastropods, Aplysia depilans and A. fasciata. Catecholamine-containing perikarya and their processes have been found to be especially abundant in the vaginal portion of the large(More)
The localization of monoamine-containing neurons in the CNS of Aplysia depilans has been studied by fluorescent histochemistry (the glyoxylic acid condensation method) and microspectrofluorimetry. Yellow fluorescent nerve cells and fibers show the emission maximum at 515-520 nm which corresponds to that of serotonin fluorophore in a model system. Green(More)
The effects of the antitumor drug tiazofurin on development of sea urchins Sphaerechinus granularis, Paracentrotus lividus, Strongylocentrotus intermedius, and Arbacia lixula were studied. When 0.01-200 microM tiazofurin (TAF) was introduced in the incubation medium (artificial sea water) just after fertilization or at the midblastula stage, the development(More)
The ability of the fish to discriminate between constant light (the conditional stimulus of food) and flickering light (the conditional stimulus of a painful electric shock) administered in random order during the same experimental sessions was investigated. Approaching the light for food and avoiding the shock by moving away from the light could be tought(More)
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