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A novel closed-form solution for the inverse kinematics of redundant manipulators through workspace analysis
This work addresses the inverse kinematic problem for redundant serial manipulators by selecting a set of joints, denoted redundant joints, and parametrizing its joint variables, and selecting several closed-form methods developed for non-redundant manipulators for obtaining the analytical solutions. Expand
Teleoperating a mobile manipulator and a free-flying camera from a single haptic device
The paper presents a novel teleoperation system that allows the simultaneous and continuous command of a ground mobile manipulator and a free flying camera, implemented using an UAV, from which theExpand
Low Dimensional Geometric Algebras
The construction of GA is an instance of a powerful mechanism used in mathematics that may be described as creating virtue out of necessity when the need arises to extend a given structure in order to include desirable features that are not present in that structure. Expand
A novel strategy for balancing the workload of industrial lines based on a genetic algorithm
A novel strategy for solving the workload balancing problem of a pick-and-place process developed in the facilities of the industrial company Fameccanica Spa Data within the framework of an industrial project between the company and the research group is presented. Expand
Minkowski’s Space-Time: Geometry and Physics
The purpose of this chapter is a study of Minkowski’s space-time that emphasizes the fundamental geometric and physical aspects that concur in its structure.
A Novel System for Grasping and Handling Flat and Deformable Objects
The idea is to build a gripper prototype, which uses two rotational wheels, microspines placed on the fingertips, in order to buckle and lift up the flat material. Expand
Solving robotic kinematic problems: singularities and inverse kinematics
The Ph.D dissertation provides a rigorous analysis of the two kinematic problems of special relevance for serial robots, the singularity problem and the inverse kinematics, where redundant robots are reduced to non-redundant ones by selecting a set of joints, denoted redundant joints, and by parameterizing their joint variables. Expand
Conformal Geometric Algebra
This chapter is devoted to a presentation of conformal geometric algebra (CGA) targeted to the sort of applications dealt with in chapters 4 and 5, and is designed so that it can encode all conformal transformations of E3 in spinorial form. Expand
Scalable six bar linkage mechanism for re-orienting and aligning objects: Design methodology
The mechanism prototype created for the six bar linkage mechanism, actuated by a single motor, for re-orienting and aligning objects, is presented for performing tests in an operational environment at high speed. Expand