Ishtiaque Hussain

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Test coverage is an important metric of software quality, since it indicates thoroughness of testing. In industry, test coverage is often measured as statement coverage. A fundamental problem of software testing is how to achieve <i>higher</i> statement coverage <i>faster</i>, and it is a difficult problem since it requires testers to cleverly find input(More)
Benchmarks are heavily used in different areas of computer science to evaluate algorithms and tools. In program analysis and testing, open-source and commercial programs are routinely used as bench- marks to evaluate different aspects of algorithms and tools. Unfor- tunately, many of these programs are written by programmers who introduce different biases,(More)
Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) MAC protocol in WiFi-based Long Distance (WiLD) networks has proved to be suitable solution in supporting long distance communications. Open source Atheros driver in Linux environment is found to be a flexible platform for implementing TDMA in WiLD networks. The earlier developments over this open source driver is(More)
Generic repair of complex data structures is a new and exciting area of research. Existing approaches can integrate with good software engineering practices such as program assertions. But in practice there is a wide variety of assertions and not all of them satisfy the style rules imposed by existing repair techniques. I.e., a "badly" written assertion may(More)
Routing plays a crucial role in provisioning Quality of Service (QoS) over WiFi-based Long Distance (WiLD) mesh networks. Traditional routing protocols normally maintain a single optimal path between each pair of source and destination nodes. In gateway-based mesh networks, the optimal paths between gateway and other nodes often overlap and hence degrades(More)
WiFi-based Long Distance (WiLD) networks are expected to run real-time applications such as Video-conferencing, Telemedicine, E-learning, VoIP (Voice over IP), etc. Providing Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees for various real-time applications in such a resource-constrained network is a challenging issue. The time slots allotted to a node in TDMA based(More)
We present <i>DSDSR</i>, a generic repair tool for complex data structures. Generic, automatic data structure repair algorithms have applications in many areas. Reducing repair time can may therefore have a significant impact on software robustness. Current state of the art tools try to address the problem exhaustively and their performance depend primarily(More)
Last two decades have witnessed a huge deployment of telecommunication infrastructure in order to enhance a wide range of social, political and economic factors. Unfortunately, a little effort put in setting up these vital infrastructures in the rural areas, especially of developing countries has resulted in marginalization. A viable solution to this(More)
Internet of Things is a new paradigm which is tremendously gaining ground in the scenario of modern age. Wireless sensor network is a major constituent of it. Data aggregation schemes play a vital role in enhancing overall efficiency of such networks. The main goal of data aggregation scheme is to collect and aggregate data packets in an efficient manner in(More)