Ishtiaque Hussain

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Test coverage is an important metric of software quality, since it indicates thoroughness of testing. In industry, test coverage is often measured as statement coverage. A fundamental problem of software testing is how to achieve <i>higher</i> statement coverage <i>faster</i>, and it is a difficult problem since it requires testers to cleverly find input(More)
Benchmarks are heavily used in different areas of computer science to evaluate algorithms and tools. In program analysis and testing, open-source and commercial programs are routinely used as bench- marks to evaluate different aspects of algorithms and tools. Unfor- tunately, many of these programs are written by programmers who introduce different biases,(More)
We present <i>DSDSR</i>, a generic repair tool for complex data structures. Generic, automatic data structure repair algorithms have applications in many areas. Reducing repair time can may therefore have a significant impact on software robustness. Current state of the art tools try to address the problem exhaustively and their performance depend primarily(More)
— this paper studies the key issue of fault tolerance for actively controlled railway wheelsets. It assesses failure modes in such systems, with a focus on actuator failures, and consequence of those hardware failures. It seeks to establish the necessary basis for control reconfiguration to ensure system stability and performance in the event of a faulty,(More)
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